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Carve Your Warrior Abs!
The Ultimate MMA Fat-Blasting Workout Train Like A Warrior!The Toughest Cardio Workout You'll Ever Love!

DISCOVER 60+ AMAZING EXERCISES to strengthen the most pivotal part of your body—from your hips to your shoulders. If your “core” isn’t ironclad, your body is not as strong as it can be. In fact, it’s vulnerable. Strengthen your weakest link and build a Warrior Body!

BIG BICEPS AND POWERFUL LEGS mean next to nothing if you have a weak core—that critical region of the body between the hips and the shoulders. Not only does a strong core stabilize the body and ward off debilitating injury, it marks that critical power junction that transfers the forces from our lower body to our upper body during athletic movement.

IN THE WARRIOR CORE TRAINING WORKOUTS, you’ll do much more than crunches. Your abs, lower back, obliques, and tiny stabilizing muscles will scream in agony while enduring barbell oblique holds, seated side crunches, med ball scissors, side-to-side low kettlebell pushup planks, knee-to-side medicine ball planks, and other excruciatingly painful yet effective moves. Take a peek at these cheat sheets, get down on all fours, and give ’em a try right now!

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WARRIOR CARDIO IS PACKED with more than 260 hardcore metabolic exercises for every muscle in your body, including complexes, bodyweight and strength circuits, advanced warmup and prehab routines, and an excruciatingly challenging yet effective series of workouts called Hurricanes that we dare you to tackle. Master Hurricane Category 5 and you are ready for the cardiovascular and strength demands of any sporting activity, even a mixed martial arts fight!


  • The Kettlebell Complex: front swings, front squat, push jerks, alternating squat, and overhead press
  • The Strongman Circuit: farmer’s walk, sandbag drag, rope pull, prowler push, and tire flip
  • The Fighter Circuit: sprawls, heavy bag punches, heavy bag knees, knee-on-chest bag drill, heavy bag kicks
  • The Tabatas: an intense 4-minute workout of body-weight exercises performed for 20 seconds each, followed by 10 seconds of rest
  • The Advanced Pushup Circuit: warrior pushup, toe-kick pushup, pike press, wall pushup
  • You get dozens of cardio/strength workouts, including specialty strength circuits; energy circuits; kettlebell, barbell, and dumbbell circuits; sprint training; and finishers—literally hundreds of ways to build effective strength-building, fat-blasting workout routines
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Not for the Weak Willed

To achieve the maximum benefit from the workouts in Warrior Cardio, you will have to work harder than you ever have before. And not just your muscles, but your mind. Warrior Cardio is about mental stamina: Control your breathing, control your mind, control your thoughts, control your actions, CONTROL THE SITUATION. In the Warrior Cardio system, you will do two mental circuits per week that will be critical to your success.

Warrior Power Nutrition is an indispensable guide to eating right for faster weight loss, greater strength, explosive muscle growth, and immune-system health. It's yours FREE with your free preview!